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Bring Your Boss To the Inbound Marketing Side

Bring Your Boss To the Inbound Marketing Side


If you’ve been following us for a while, you may be sold on the benefits of inbound marketing, but your boss wants more data.

Try sharing this with the execs: Inbound marketing costs 61 percent less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing. (Click to Tweet) Which would you rather pay: $346 for the outbound lead or $135 for an inbound lead? Hmmm…

Corner office still isn’t convinced? The portion of companies who told HubSpot they acquired customers through inbound tactics:

  • Blog: 57 percent

  • LinkedIn: 62 percent

  • Facebook: 52 percent

  • Twitter: 44 percent. (Click to Tweet)


Our advice: It’s time to pitch inbound marketing again. And we have the presentation ready for you to use.

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