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Client Success: B2B Health Tech Rebrand

In the fast-paced world of health tech startups, where competition is fierce and innovation is constant, standing out from the crowd is crucial. Innovative technology is undoubtedly essential. However, to sell that technology, health tech startups must be able to effectively communicate a value proposition to their target audience in a way that drives action. 

This is where the power of messaging, positioning and a B2B tech rebrand comes into play. 

For Psych Hub, a mental health education and engagement startup preparing to launch a first-in-the-market feature, the timing was right to engage a partner to evolve the company’s messaging and refresh its brand, build a new website and create sales collateral with more targeted, benefits-focused material.

In just 6 months, JONES was able to guide and execute the health tech startup’s transformation, set it up for the successful launch of a new service, and laid a foundation to support the company’s aggressive growth strategy.

Psych Hub’s original core offerings are centered on two distinct learning platforms: one for mental health practitioners and one for the general public for which Psych Hub maintains a large library of content—handouts, podcasts, videos and more—that providers can share with patients or individuals can access for their use.

One learning platform is designed to provide training and education for counselors, social workers and therapists who want to specialize in specific disorders or populations. 

The other learning platform helps individuals understand many aspects of mental health to aid in their mental health journey or to support the needs of others around them, including family, friends or coworkers. 

The Messaging Problem

Psych Hub is a B2B health tech startup. However, the messaging was too consumer-focused. It wasn’t centered around the challenges Psych Hub’s B2B buyers are facing or the benefits of subscribing to the company’s learning platform. 

Psych Hub is a B2B health tech startup. However, the messaging wasn’t centered around the challenges its B2B buyers are facing. Instead, it was all about the consumer. That was the problem they hired JONES to fix.  

Additionally, Psych Hub was preparing to launch a new offering that would complete the three pillars on which it was founded: education, connection and engagement. The upcoming product launch created the perfect timing for a refresh of the company’s messaging and positioning, brand imagery and website.

A Focused Approach Brought Success 

The engagement started with a strategic positioning exercise that involved identifying Psych Hub’s Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and understanding the unique needs and challenges of each ICP, while also uncovering the health tech company’s market position, the problems it’s solving for, and the “why” that will drive B2B buyer action. 

A series of in-depth strategy sprints brought together Pysch Hub’s executives and the JONES team to define the company’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP):

  • Enterprise-level businesses interested in supporting employee mental health
  • Healthcare payers (insurance providers)
  • Behavioral health provider groups

Healthcare tech is a "sweet spot" for the JONES team, having served a sizeable list of mental health, health tech and healthcare IT clients. View a snapshot of our Psych Hub work here

JONES then developed new messaging and positioning that addressed the challenges and pain points for each ICP, enabling the health tech startup to not only attract the right customers but also better align its product development and marketing efforts with its business goals. This was quickly followed by a rebrand.

Psych Hub has an extremely compelling offering and there is a real need in the market that they are solving for. But, the company needed to evolve its messaging and branding to speak directly to B2B buyers while staying true to its brand personality. 

The final messaging flowed naturally once the team understood the challenges faced by each core audience, and the new brand is clean with a color palette and imagery that is beautiful, modern and serene. 

For this project, the JONES team focused on conveying a sense of trust. But, we also wanted the new imagery to be positive and uplifting, and that is what drove our selection of colors — a lighter blue complemented by other colors that are inviting, calm and comforting.


The imagery was selected to reflect the nature of Psych Hub’s offerings, showing people interacting with a web interface or in self-reflection, rather than showing therapy settings.

PsychHub-ImagesIn creating a new logo, the JONES creative services team incorporated a shape around the word “hub” that is carried through in multiple ways on the website: buttons, bullets, and photo shapes, bringing continuity to every aspect of the brand. 


Activating the New B2B Health Tech Brand

To bring this B2B tech rebrand to life, JONES designed and built a new website for Psych Hub. Every step of the process, from creating the sitemap and wireframes to writing web copy and designing visual elements, to building the site in HubSpot, was carried out by the JONES team. 

PsychHub-Website“The JONES team’s work on our rebrand is truly thoughtful, understandable and beautiful,” said Psych Hub president Barbara Kandemir. “You make it look so easy when we all know that the devil is in the details. The new website design is gorgeous and the copy your team developed speaks to who we are and radiates Psych Hub’s persona.”

As soon as the new website launched, the Psych Hub team began hearing positive feedback from stakeholders with a background in marketing and PR, who praised the site for its refined, modern aesthetic and intuitive navigation.

Laying the Foundation for Growth

By strategically positioning Psych Hub in the market, crafting compelling messages for each ICP, and creating a powerful brand, the company can now effectively engage B2B buyers, differentiate its offering from competitors, and drive long-term growth. 

Our job was to help Psych Hub lay the necessary foundation to begin executing its aggressive growth strategy. 

We've worked with hundreds of B2B tech startups, from early-stage through Series C. If you need a hand with your messaging and positioning, branding, website, and launch, we're here to help!   

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