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Do This, Not That For Video In Marketing Emails

Turn Today’s News Into Tomorrow’s Sales Leads


What makes you more likely to click on an email from a brand you trust? Do you find videos irresistible?

You aren’t alone, and marketers like you are seeing the results of the increasing appeal of videos in email. Results like:

  • Increased click-through rates: 55 percent,

  • Increased email forwarding and sharing: 41 percent, and even

  • Increased revenues (40 percent), according to

Their infographic details useful tips for implementing video into your marketing emails, whether you are doing outbound marketing or using automated emails for lead nurturing.

If you choose to use video with marketing automation and lead nurturing emails, you will want to be like the 29 percent of respondents who link the video to landing pages, as that is the key step in continuing a lead’s engagement with your company and website. Use videos and landing page links that match the lead’s stage in the buyer’s journey: training or how-to videos near the top of the funnel, product demos as a lead begins considering options, and testimonials from satisfied customers when the comparison and decision-making stages are at hand.

 If you need more insights into the specifics of making it all work, download this helpful slideshow from JONES and Wistia: Using Video With Marketing Automation.



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