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5 Elements Of A Complete Marketing Content Package (video)

5 Elements Of A Complete Marketing Content Package (video)

Successful content or inbound marketing requires working from an established strategy to create comprehensive campaigns that touch on all content distribution channels to reach the most potential sales prospects and engage them in ways that generate qualified leads and closed deals.

That’s why we focus on creating complete content packages for our clients. But what does a “complete content package” include? Let me walk you through the pieces of the puzzle in this video.

The key take-aways from the video:

1. Online offers are the core of the campaign. Options include whitepapers, reports, ebook, and webinars. Get more ideas for inbound marketing lead generation offers here: Real Life Examples Of Downloadable Offers For Inbound Marketing.

2. Landing pages capture leads, while email workflows nurture them. When website visitors fill out a form on a landing page to access the offer, they are entered into automated lead nurturing workflows that foster a relationship with offers of additional information that keep lead engaged. Get the tools you need for creating landing pages and nurturing workflows in our Lead Nurturing Toolkit. Also, read our 5 Best Practices For Lead Nurturing Workflows.

3. Corresponding blog posts promote the asset. Each post highlights a segment of the corresponding offer, leveraging content by repurposing it to improve website SEO rankings with relevant information. I’ve talked a lot about using business blogs here on the Inbound Accelerator (more than 100 different posts, in fact), but here is one of the best posts on the topic to read to get you started: Write For Readers, Not Search Engines, To Boost Blog SEO, plus our overall approach to business blogging.

4. Prewritten & scheduled social media updates drive traffic to blog posts and landing pages. Nearly 9 in 10 B2B companies use social media as a lead generation tactic, so it just makes sense to include it as part of a complete marketing campaign. Also, think beyond simply promoting the blog posts to developing a continuing following with your social media channels: Social Media Posts That Generate Follower Engagement.

5. Outbound email campaigns continue to support the campaign. Outbound emails provide direct links back to landing pages to capture leads on the website also. Find more tips on email marketing in these posts: Email Marketing Benchmarks: 10 Industries & 5 Tips and 5 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs.

Bonus: Thought leadership articles bring marketing and PR together. Marketing and public relations need to work as an integrated team to maximize the impact of content. By using the same information for thought leadership as you have already used in the inbound marketing offer and blog posts, you get more mileage for your content while also building industry awareness and authority through publication in trusted media outlets. In fact, we believe so much in the power of thought leadership articles as an element in an integrated marketing and PR strategy that we’ve written a book on it to help you put add this tactic to your toolbox: How To Get Your CEO Published.


Want to see one more example of how we put together complete content packages? Download our Creating A Winning Inbound Program document to see complete examples of a campaign we completed to help Primaris launch from a regional healthcare consulting company focused almost entirely on government contracts to a nationwide commercial player, generating a thousand inbound marketing leads in their first year with us.

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