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Expand Your Blog’s Reach By Engaging Industry Experts

Expand Your Blog’s Reach By Engaging Industry Experts

With the rapid growth in blogging as a key marketing tactic over the last few years, it can be difficult to establish your brand as a thought leader and to cut through the clutter.

(For reference, 60 percent of marketers say blog content was their top inbound marketing priority in 2016. Source.)

One way of creating credibility, in addition to expanding your business blog’s reach to new readers, is by developing relationships with already established industry experts.

Ways of Engaging Industry Experts

1. Connect through social media

One of the least obtrusive ways to begin to reach out to leaders in your industry, or in the industries your company serves, is by following them on social media. Engage in the conversations they initiate to offer useful insights or ask relevant questions.

This not only introduces you into their circle of influence, but also helps you learn from them as well.

2. Interview them for a blog post or other content

By interviewing an industry leader or influencer for your blog or other content, such as a video channel, you are providing your readers with a new perspective on your topic as well as potentially reaching new audiences when your subject (hopefully) shares your blog post with his or her own network.

Here’s an example:

Q&A: How Integrated Content Marketing Strategy Earned Primaris Leads and Awards

3. Invite them to contribute a blog post

Take the concept behind an interview a step farther and invite them to contribute a guest post to your business blog. This requires more investment of time on their part, typically, than simply being part of an interview, so you’ll only want to make this request if 1) you have already established a relationship with the industry influencers; or 2) you have something to offer in return, such as a well-established audience for your own blog and social networking that they may want to reach as well.


Who to Engage With:

1. Independent bloggers/journalists covering your industry

Journalism and the media are no longer simple to define, as today’s digital media makes it possible for nearly anyone to establish themselves on the web as a blogger. That means that in addition to connecting with the more traditional journalists, both digital and print media, who cover your industry, it may be useful to do some research to find out if there are independent bloggers producing quality content on similar topics.

The key here is to find those who are producing great content and have a following. Don’t waste time or possibly your reputation engaging with bloggers who are only nominally involved in your industry or whose content does not match your own standards for quality.

2. Customers who are leaders in their industry

Your own customers, especially those who are also engaged with content marketing and digital media, may be a perfect fit for creating and promoting your content. They are familiar with your company and with the needs of your customers, and have an added level of credibility.

3. Industry analysts and consultants

Industry analysts and consultants, who often are already well established with target markets, can provide a broader perspective to your blog and content by approaching topics from an industry-wide level. Establishing a relationship with analysts can also be useful outside of your content marketing and blogging by gathering feedback for use in media or marketing audits.

4. Experts in complementary fields


Think outside your specific field of expertise and engage industry leaders in complementary fields. Perhaps you are a travel agent, with a primary blog focus on European destinations. Think beyond advice on what to see and do, and engage someone who can offer a deeper understanding of some specific topic that enhances the value of your blog, such as the history of an area or advice on choosing a foreign language learning option that will prepare your readers for their next trip.

Each time you engage another industry leader or influencer in your blog, social networking or other content, you have the opportunity to expand your own content’s circle of influence to another level. It is just one of the ways you can Grow & Scale Your Business Blog.

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