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Healthcare Marketers: Content Creation Priorities for 2018

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Brand awareness, patient loyalty and patient engagement are the top goals healthcare marketers are working achieve with their content, along with addressing the need to optimize content for search.

With responses from professionals involved in marketing more than 650 hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide, True North Custom’s 2018 State of Healthcare Content Marketing Report outlines the challenges to achieving those goals.

Chief among them is measuring content effectiveness, with 87 percent of respondents finding it either moderately or very challenging. Lack of budget and lack of integration also earned responses from more than 7 in 10 marketers.

But when only the “very challenged” responses were tallied, the challenges that rose to the top included these:

  • Producing content consistently.

  • Producing a variety of content.

What I hear in these stats: Consistently producing a variety of quality, engaging content isn’t easy. As an agency owner, I understand. But that’s why we do what we do at JONES — we strive to help our clients take on that challenge with quality content creation by experienced writers and designers. Learn more about our approach to content creation and hiring great people in our JONES Content Creation Solution.

As we note in Rethinking Healthcare Marketing, a guide and checklist for using personalized content to enhance patient engagement, brand awareness is only the beginning. The patient loyalty marketers and healthcare providers are seeking is generated in part by engagement. Download the ebook today to find our suggestions for revitalizing your healthcare content marketing strategy for a future built around personalized engagement.



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