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How Do YOU Use Content In Your Marketing? (Infographic)

How Do YOU Use Content In Your Marketing_ (Infographic)

Creating content is one piece of the inbound marketing puzzle, but just as important is your strategy for distributing content to reach key audiences. According to a survey by Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, the average B2B organizations uses eight different tactics for distributing or promoting content.

Which of these tactics are you using?


A complete inbound marketing campaign should incorporate many different types of content and ways of promoting that content. Download an example of a complete campaign created for one of our successful inbound marketing clients to see how it all fits together, from blog to social media to bylined articles and lead nurturing emails.


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6 Steps To Creating Enviable Brands

Download our guide 6 Steps to Creating Enviable Brands to learn the crucial steps you should follow to create an enviable brand for your company.

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