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How To Reach Healthcare IT Customers (video)


Healthcare, especially working with IT companies that serve the healthcare industry, has been one of my specialty fields for years. Through more than decade of experience working with a variety of businesses that serve healthcare providers and organizations, we’ve learned a few things about how to reach the unique target audiences within healthcare.

In particular, healthcare IT companies need to understand the decision-making process of CIOs, as well as how IT impacts multiple aspects of healthcare, from patient outcomes to revenue streams.

In this video, I walk you through just one marketing campaign created for a healthcare IT client, and how the same data was used in multiple ways to provide content for several channels, ranging from social media to trade shows.

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I’m also available for a phone call as I mentioned in the video. Click here to find a time in my calendar that works best for you, and we can chat about your marketing challenges and goals.

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