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Limited Resources Hamper Content Creation Efforts

Limited Resources Hamper Content Creation Efforts

What challenges are frustrating your marketing content creation efforts? If your first response is: time, people, and money—aka resources—you are in good company.

When Rundown asked marketers for their top challenges to content creation, more than 70 percent cited limited resources. With many companies today taking a “do more with less” approach to all undertakings, it is no surprise that marketing departments are feeling the same pinch.

Despite the challenges, however, most marketers feel they are doing a good job of creating content their audience loves.

(Find the complete report here.)

Limited Resources Hamper Content Creation Efforts  

Resourcing your inbound marketing strategy, including content creation, can take several paths: retraining and restructuring your existing team, new hires, freelance writers or working with an outside agency. Which you choose will depend on a number of factors.

We covered some of the options in this blog post: Who Will Create Your Content.

You will also find complete pros, cons and considerations for each option in our Guide to Resourcing Your Inbound Marketing Strategy.

How have you found the resources you need for creating content to keep up with your marketing strategy needs?

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