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Marketing Tip: Don’t Leave Automation Opportunities Untapped

Marketing automation has tremendous potential to streamline what were once manual marketing and sales tasks, tracking leads and data, and bringing multiple content channels together under a single dashboard. I know that marketing leaders often choose an automation solution for one or two primary tasks, but often those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to total capabilities under a single umbrella.

HubSpot is an example. A pioneer in inbound marketing, Hubspot anchored itself in providing lead nurturing infrastructure that is second to none, providing customers with the ability to capture leads, automate email workflows and transition directly into a free CRM solution for sales.

Using HubSpot for lead capture and nurturing can be as limited as creating landing pages and email workflows, but it also has the ability to provide much, much more under a single dashboard—you just have to learn how to use all of the features (or find a partner with deep experience to bring you up to speed).

Here are 5 HubSpot features that you can easily incorporate to get more from your investment:

1. Meeting scheduling tool:

Give potential customers or clients an easy way to set up a meeting with you—no need for emails back and forth where you may lose their interest before finding a mutually beneficial time. Just a couple quick clicks and the meeting is in your calendar and theirs. See how easy it is by setting a time now to talk with JONES founder Kristin Jones about how we can help you utilize your HubSpot services.

2. Sequences:

Similar to lead nurturing workflows, sequences establish a series of emails or other tasks to be implemented in specific circumstances. An example might be a client meeting no-show. A series of emails and tasks can be created to be easily repeated in those circumstances that include an email, a phone call/voice mail, and another follow-up email, including specific timing and task reminders integrated with other schedule/CRM tools in HubSpot.

3. Lead scoring:

If you are generating a lot of leads (which is one part of the marketing goal), it is essential to have a way of deciding which leads deserve additional focus. That comes from lead scoring. With HubSpot’s ability to track how leads interact with your brand (what website pages they visit, which emails they open and more), it just makes sense to use that data, along with additional criteria such as company size, location or revenue, to assign leads with scores. Those scores allow you to segment communications and prioritize hot leads that fit your criteria.

4. SMS automation:

Automation isn’t just for emails. HubSpot also offers workflows for SMS messages, which have a fantastic open rate, increasing opportunities for engagement with leads. And with more and more B2B decision makers using their cell phones for research or as a primary business communication device, it just makes sense to reach them that way.

5. Social media management:

Why use a separate social media tool when you can manage all of your social channels from the same tool you are using to host your blog, manage landing pages and send automated emails and SMS messages? Social media posts can be scheduled to multiple accounts in advance from a single dashboard, minimizing the time spent on each one.

 Want to learn more about how to maximize your automation with HubSpot? JONES is a certified HubSpot partner, and we’ve done it all for our own content and for clients. We can ease the onboarding process and help you reach a lead generating momentum more quickly that will provide the most ROI possible from your investment in automation.

Schedule a time here to talk with Kristin Jones about your needs. Or download our HubSpot Implementation Timeline Template, which provides a look at the basics of getting an inbound marketing content program off the ground.

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