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Quick Tip: Put CTAs In The Obvious Places

Quick Tip: Put CTAs In The Obvious Places

I’ve called it “the magic formula for turning visitors into leads”. The call-to-action. That magic button that tells your website visitor, blog reader or social media follower “click here.”

It is the connection between your open-to-all content and the content and offers you reserve for those willing to offer contact information and initiate a connection with you.

Calls-to-action can only be effective, however, if they are placed where your visitors, readers and followers can find them. Don’t make them search.

That means putting them:

They can be as subtle as an in-text hyperlink or as blatant as a slide-in box. But they need to be there.

One caveat: The calls-to-action need to be relevant. Make sure they are related to information surrounding them, as that is the information your prospect was interested in learning more about. Use your CTAs to offer them more of what they want.

Our advice: Review the list of places on your website you should be using calls-to-action in our checklist to ensure you are reaching the prospects you want to turn into leads.

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