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Quick Tip: 4 Ways to Optimize Thank You Pages

Quick Tip: 4 Ways to Optimize Thank You Pages


Landing pages are where the magic happens, where your website visitors enter their information and become leads. But it is the follow-up to the landing page—the thank you page—that continues the process of lead nurturing and moving that lead toward your ultimate goal of turning them into a customer.

Optimize your thank you pages to make the most of your inbound marketing and lead nurturing program with the following components.

  1. Access to your offer: This is a link to the PDF of an ebook or template, a video embedded in the page itself, or a way to schedule the consultation your visitor just requested.

  2. Social media sharing: Icons that link to automatically generated tweets and status updates make it easy for your new lead to share your offer with their own networks.

  3. Calls-to-action: Lead nurturing means offering related content that moves your lead through the sales funnel. The thank you page is a great place to offer the next piece of your nurturing campaign.

  4. Auto-response emails: Along with being taken to a thank you page, when your new lead fills out a landing page form, it should kick off an automated response with all of the same information as the thank you page.

Find many more details on optimizing each of these components in our free ebook: How to Optimize Landing Pages for Converstions.

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