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Your Everything SEO Checklist

Your Everything SEO Checklist

When it comes to SEO there are so many different things to remember, it helps to have it all in front of you to see what you might be forgetting. This handy infographic from Leapfroggr provides a great visual reminder and checklist for your search engine optimization efforts.

As they point out, SEO begins with research, including the same kinds of research you would use to inform your content marketing—finding out what your target market wants to know and what terms and phrases they use to find it. It should also include competitive research, similar to a media audit to see where you stack up against the competition.


Follow up your research with detailed on-page SEO, focusing on keyword placement, website structure and performance, meta tags and schema markups, and optimized media. Of course, content matters. Not only the details of keywords in content, but the quality of content that provides readers with what they want so that user signals such as bounce rate, time on page and backlinks work in your favor. In other words: write for readers, not search engines.

(The #2 most-downloaded tool in our Inbound Marketing Learning Library is an On-Page SEO Planning Template. Download it here to take a closer look at each page of your website.)

Leapfroggr also offers suggestions for building inbound links through building community and sharing useful information on additional platforms. Just be sure to be authentic and give something useful in return.

And lastly, schedule time to review and improve all of the other things on this list regularly. SEO is not at all a set it and forget it task.


Do you need help taking on a new website design, a content strategy that will fuel SEO, or reviewing your current approach? Let’s chat. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with me here. And download our On-Page SEO Planning Template for an easy-to-use tool to review the basics of meta tags and keyword placement on each page of your website and business blog.

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