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Most Used Marketing Resources From the Inbound Learning Library

Our Gift to You: Most Used Marketing Resources From the Inbound Learning Library

When working with our inbound marketing clients, we stress the importance of providing content their prospects can use — educational, helpful, or inspirational materials as downloadable offers.

We also believe in practicing the philosophy ourselves, which is why we have created an Inbound Marketing Learning Library of nearly 100 ebooks, checklists, templates, worksheets, videos, case studies and whitepapers to make your marketing job easier.

If you haven’t already, click on over and browse the shelves—everything there is free for the taking.

Or start with the marketing resources our readers love most. Here are the top 10 downloads this year from our Inbound Marketing Learning Library:

1. Nurturing Workflow Template

One essential element of inbound marketing is nurturing the leads that convert on your website. Only about one in 10 visitors is actually ready to buy when first visiting your website, so an automated lead nurturing program warms up cold leads by continuing to engage them with relevant offers.

Our Nurturing Workflow Template provides a structure for planning those lead nurturing emails, including the timing between emails and the progression of content offered within them.


2. On-Page SEO Planning Template

While SEO and search engine results page rankings are impacted by a wide range of factors (see our latest infographic on SEO), on-page optimization is still essential. You can use our template to audit your existing website and make improvements, or to track how you use targeted keywords as you write additional content and add website pages.


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3. Lead Qualification Checklist

Knowing when leads are ready for sales, and only passing them on when specific criteria are met, improves sales closure rates and reduces wasted time by the sales team chasing after leads that aren’t a good fit for your company.

Our checklist offers 5 broad criteria to consider, with guidance for writing your own specifications to define a marketing-qualified lead.


4. Campaign Planning Calendar Template

Planning is essential if you want your inbound marketing content to work cohesively as a campaign, rather than just a collection of random content. (See “How to Turn Your Content Ideas Into Complete Marketing Campaigns.”)

There is no need for you to create a new format for plotting out campaigns. Just download our calendar template for a 12-campaign calendar ready to fill in with each campaign’s theme, audience (aka buyer persona) and specific content ideas for each level of the sales funnel.

campaign calendar image-1.jpg 


5. Media, Messaging and Marketing Audit Checklist

Creating a compelling strategy — whether it is for a marketing campaign, public relations program or a complete communications plan for your brand — begins with knowing the current status of your efforts and those of your competition. That is where audits come in.

Our audit checklist highlights the key results you should expect an agency to provide (or your team to research) for five different types of audits that inform your strategies:

  • Media and public relations audit

  • Messaging and position audit

  • Marketing success audit

  • Marketing content audit

  • Analyst relations audit


6. 30 Hot Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Just as the title says, this ebook highlights 30 different ideas you can incorporate into your marketing to boost online lead generation. You’ll find suggestions for irresistible offers, improving the click-through rate of your calls-to-action, making forms more friendly and improving channels such as social media and organic search.


7. Mapping Content to Your Customer Personas worksheet

Again, our readers love finding useable tools to streamline planning processes. This worksheet can be used in conjunction with the Campaign Planning Calendar above to provide a little more detail about specific content offers. If you are working with a number of writers and designers, or with an agency, filling out this worksheet takes the guesswork out of what each piece of content is designed to achieve, who is should be written for, and which stage of the sales funnel is being targeted.


8. Content Strategy for the Sales Funnel

This two-page reference sheet illustrates the sales funnel, with ideas for content that meets the needs of prospects or leads at each stage of the funnel.



9. Landing Page Content Template

Templates make everything easier. Use this template as a guide to creating landing pages that convert, and to pass the text, image, video and other details along from your marketing team writer(s) to the person managing the backend of your website.


10. How to Get Your CEO Published

We believe strongly that all communications from your brand — marketing, public relations, and customer service — should work together to reinforce your brand identity and to support your inbound marketing campaigns. This ebook describes the steps to using what has traditionally been a public relations tactic — submitting contributed bylined articles to industry publications to build thought leadership and brand awareness — as a jumping off point for lead generation through inbound marketing.


All of these marketing resources are our gift to you, our fellow marketers and PR pros, not just during the holidays but all year. And this is just the tip of the iceberg —check out the rest of our Inbound Marketing Learning Library for more about video marketing, social media, blogging, healthcare marketing, analytics and more.

What are we missing? What marketing topics or tools would you like to see us develop deeper? Share your ideas in the comments and check back often as we are creating new marketing resources regularly.

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