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Simple Steps To Better Content


Simple Steps To Better Content

How do you create content that strikes a chord with readers and can be easily found by those most likely to read, use and share it?

While the search algorithms and promotion strategies involved in reaching the maximum possible audience may be complex, a few simple rules apply to creating content that meets readers’ needs.

Check out the main headings in this infographic from Travel World Passport. I want to add a little more detail to each point.


Set a clear goal.

While you definitely do need the kinds of goals the infographic mentions — metrics like clicks and shares — you also need to think about how you want the content to help the audience and what you want your audience to do. Do you want them to download an offer? Contact a sales rep? Visit your business? Keep that goal in mind as you write.


Research keywords.

Individual keywords may not be as important as they once were. Instead, think about answering questions. With smart search results that show Google users answers to their questions directly from web pages with clear content (or that answer voice search queries), focus on what your audience may be asking, rather than simply targeting stand-alone keywords. More: Write For Readers, Not Search Engines.


Simplify your text.

Substitute readability for simplicity in this suggestion. Formatting with lists, images, subheads and more make your content easier to digest and keep readers on the page longer. More: Optimize Your Business Blog For Greater Reader Usability.


Optimize your text.

Add to this: “and all the other elements on your webpage.” Image alt text and file names and many other pieces to the puzzle help search engines understand more about what your web page content has to offer. Download our On-Page SEO Planning Template & Guide.


Link the content.

And promote it on social media, through emails, and the other channels mentioned in this blog post: Rate Your Marketing Content Creation & Promotion.


I know I said above that creating great content follows a simple set of steps, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Or that it is something anyone can do. Great content comes from finding great writers and giving them the time and tools they need to do their job. Unfortunately, as we discuss in our Content Creation Problem/Solution Paper, too few marketing teams place a priority on finding and enabling great writers. Download our paper to learn more about how to change that trend and reap the benefits.



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