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Social Media and the Marketing Budget (Infographic)

Social Media and the Marketing Budget (Infographic)


How has your marketing budget evolved in recent years to include social media, both the cost of management and direct costs for advertising?

Overall, marketing departments have reported a steady increase in the portion of the marketing budget dedicated to social
media from 11.7 percent five years ago to 22.2 percent of the projected marketing budget in the next five years.

Social Media and the Marketing Budget (Infographic)

B2C companies are leaning the most heavily into social media spending, anticipating that it will make up more then 28 percent of their budgets in the next five years.

While marketers are shifting more and more spending into social media channels, challenges remain in integrating those channels with overall marketing strategies and integrating customer information across all channels, with respondents to an August 2016 survey ranking themselves at 3.9 and 3.2, respectively, on a scale of 7.

That integration of social media as one tool in a complete toolbox of marketing options is a key component of our approach to helping our clients maximize all of their digital and traditional marketing efforts. Find more about how we tackle the social media challenges and opportunities in A Complete Suite of Components: The JONES Social Media Solution, or download one of our other social media resources:

What are the greatest challenges your company is up against in realizing the potential for social media in your marketing strategy?

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