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Social Media Tip For Small Business: How Often Should You Post on Facebook?


One of the most common questions businesses have about using social media is this: How much is enough? It should also be coupled with the question of “How much is too much?”

Each social media channel has a different answer dictated by the dynamics of that particular channel. (Click to see our complete guide to social media for businesses.) Fast-paced Twitter has a different recommendation than professionally focused LinkedIn.

When it comes to Facebook, the general recommendation is somewhere between three posts a week and three posts a day. Here’s why:

On the low end, you may be able to maintain some traction with three quality posts per week, especially since Facebook’s news feed isn’t necessarily organized in chronological order. Your content may have enough staying power to pop up for a day or two after it is posted, especially if you are posting content that generates high levels of engagement, which propels it into the news feeds of users who are connected to your followers. (What makes for engaging Facebook content? Get some ideas here.)

Daily posts are currently recommended. It keeps you in front of your audience, maintaining consistency and keeping them looking for you each day. You can do two to three posts a day, since not every follower will be shown all of your posts, but beyond that, it could begin to be overwhelming for those followers who frequently engage and therefor are shown your content more often. If you do choose to post more often be sure that the majority of your posts are entertaining, educational or informational, not promotional. If all your followers see is a steady stream of posts encouraging a purchase, they are likely to unfollow.




Serenity Medical Spa used a rhythm of three posts a day to boost visibility on Facebook, and along the way gained new customers and a larger following, by focusing on organic content that appealed to their followers with a combination of shared articles, video links, fun images and engaging questions. Learn more by downloading the case study or schedule a call to learn more about our social media program designed specifically for the needs of small businesses.

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