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Social Media Trends For Small Business (infographic)

Social Media Trends For Small Business (infographic)


If a Clutch survey of small businesses is correct, within the next year more than 85 percent of businesses with 500 or fewer employees, which includes everything from retail boutiques and med spas to home builders, independent accounts and financial advisers, will be using social media. I agree with that prediction, as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others have changed the landscape of how we connect with one another and share information, for both personal and commercial reasons.

Facebook, which reaches the broadest demographics (see other stats from the same survey here), dominates. Facebook’s reach is especially strong amongst the market most often targeted by the health and beauty industry, including medical spas and plastic surgery. Nearly 3 in 4 women in the US use Facebook.

A slight majority (52 percent) of businesses who use social media as part of their advertising and public relations strategies post something at least once a day, with images, offers, reviews and videos topping the list of what is posted, along with blog posts and research/data.

Serenity Medical Spa has seen firsthand how developing a regular posting schedule of 100 posts per month — 3 per day — can greatly expand a small business’s audience and business. Learn how they increased their social media engagement twelvefold and attracted enough new clients at a single event to pay for a year’s worth of their Facebook content development. Download the case study here.

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