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Write It and They Will Come

Write It and They Will Come


When visitors come to your website, they are looking for information. The more relevant content you provide, the more traffic you will attract, according to HubSpot’s customers


Companies with 51 to 100 pages on their websites generate 48 percent more traffic than companies with 50 or fewer. (Click to tweet!)  


Fill your site with even more pages and the potential explodes. Companies with more than 50 employees and 1,000+ web pages see 9.5 times more traffic than those with fewer than 51 pages.(Click to tweet!)  


Our advice: Create a content strategy that provides a wide range of content appealing to each of your buyer personas and all stages of the buying cycle. Write it and they will come.  You can get started with this worksheet: Mapping Content to Your Personas and the Buyers’ Journey.  


6 Steps To Creating Enviable Brands

Download our guide 6 Steps to Creating Enviable Brands to learn the crucial steps you should follow to create an enviable brand for your company.

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