Our process takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Everything from your brand platform, to content strategy, to nurturing, to customer engagement must be in sync to win and retain customers. Our methodology aligns marketing efforts and transforms you into the envy of your industry.

Attract Visitors - JONES



Publish Appealing Owned Content

Promote content by repurposing ebooks, white papers and other brand content into blog posts that link to the original content. Use CTAs to promote gated content offers. Share content on owned social accounts.

  • brand content
  • brand social accounts
  • blog
  • SEO
  • website
  • email
Publish Appealing Owned Content - JONES
Earn Coverage - JONES

Earn Coverage 

Secure media coverage, product reviews, guest blog posts, influencer mentions, awards and more through traditional PR outreach and blogger engagement. Boost earned media's reach by sharing it via blog posts and social media. Pull significant mentions and quotes into branded content.

  • traditional PR
  • blogger relations
  • influencer relations

Supplement with Paid Media

Get traffic from pay per click; use paid content promotion and advertising to win newsfeed space; attract more attention with sponsorships, events and display ads.

  • advertising
  • paid content promotion
  • pay per click
  • SEO
Supplement with Paid Media - JONES
Be Active on Shared Channels

Be Active on Shared Channels

Establish a presence and increase visibility outside the brand's owned social channels by participating in conversations, sharing, retweeting and commenting. Employ a digital army to share brand content.

  • social media participation
  • word of mouth
  • social network activity
  • referrals