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10 Steps to Creating A Business Blog Strategy

May 04,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones

10 Steps to Creating A Business Blog Strategy


When focusing on inbound marketing, your blog is at the center of your universe. That means it deserves top priority in your planning and business blog strategy development.

We’ve outlined the 10 essential steps to take in creating a business blog that meets your company’s needs and objectives.

Which of these steps are most challenging for your team?

Check out these resources — blog posts and downloads — that will help you along the way.

  1. On goal setting: Marketing Goals + Documented Strategy = More Marketing Success

  2. On identifying an audience: 3 Reasons You Need Customer Personas

  3. On determining a blogging schedule: Marketing Benchmarks From 7000+ Businesses

  4. On planning your promotion strategy: Blogging Mistake — Not Promoting Your Blog — And The Solution

  5. On choosing writers: It’s Time To Pick Teams: Who Will Create Your Content and Great Content Requires Great Writers

  6. On brainstorming blog topics: Ten Ways To Spice Up A Business Blog

  7. On creating a blog calendar: Blog Calendar Template

  8. On writing blog posts: 5 Ways To Write A Blog (downloadable templates)

  9. On promoting your blog: Why Your Blog Should Be The Center Of Your Marketing Universe

  10. On measuring your blog: Blog Metrics To Measure & Use Part 1 and Part 2


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Business Blogging: Do This, Not That

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