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3 Tips From the World's Biggest Websites That Will Improve Your Own

May 13,2015 |BY: Kristin Jones

Margaret Gold Stewart has been in on the design decisions for the world's biggest websites: Google, YouTube, Facebook.  So she knows a thing or two about what design can do.  She has seen first-hand how even the smallest change, when multiplied by a global audience, has tremendous impact.

3 Tips From the World's Biggest Websites That Will Improve Your Own


While her March 2014 TEDTalk focuses on designing at scale — for all of humanity — we think her main points sound a lot like best practice recommendations for every business and website:

  • Pay attention to the details, no matter how small.

  • Do your research.  Get the data.  But also listen to your design (or marketing) intuition.

  • Know who you are designing for.




For more tips on designing a website that works for you, no matter how large your audience is, download our free ebook, 25 Website Must-Haves.  Because little things do matter.



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