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Compare Email Components to Get the Best Results

September 14,2015 |BY: Kristin Jones

Compare Email Components to Get the Best Results


Email marketing is a prime opportunity to utilize A/B testing to improve responses, testing elements such as sender name and subject lines.


 A/B email marketing tests at HubSpot showed messages from a personal sender name received higher CTR than those from a generic sender. (Click to Tweet!)  This backs up the case for personalization in communications.


Subject lines are one of the most often-tested email elements. In a MarketingSherpa survey, 72 percent of respondents said they run A/B tests to find a winning subject line, but only 35 percent find the tests effective. (Click to Tweet!)  How often do you use A/B testing, and how effective is it for your marketing?


Our advice: Send all emails from an individual’s account, and if you test subject lines, try to determine what about the subject is different: Length? Discount offered? Formatting?  Make sure you always compare email components to get the best results.


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