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Social Media Posts That Generate Follower Engagement

June 13,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones

Social Media Posts That Generate Follower Engagement

Another day, another social media post or 3 to write. What can you say or share that entice your followers to stop scrolling and engage with you?

In today’s algorithm on Facebook and other channels, engagement is a key element in how the social media platform decides whether to show followers more or less of your content. When an individual follower interacts with your page and posts, he or she will be shown more of your content in the future, and less of that from pages they seldom visit and whose posts on which they seldom comment or click.

And when a lot of people interact with your content, the algorithm flags it as being of high interest, and shows it to even more social media users.

So how do you generate engagement?

Check the ten ideas in the infographic below from Red Website Design.

Do you want even more ideas? We put together 101 ideas, especially targeted for use by healthcare providers, in this cheat sheet from our Facebook for Healthcare Program. Download 101 Things To Post On Facebook.


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101 Things Healthcare Providers Should Post on Facebook

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