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Is Your Marketing Department Withholding Information?

July 28,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Sales AND marketing. Or is it sales VS. marketing? Unfortunately, for some organizations, the two departments who most need to work together have a tendency to take sides and point fingers when it’s time to set goals, evaluate results or allocate budget.


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Topics: Sales Funnel, Collaboration, Lead Generation, Goal Setting, Inbound Marketing, Closed-Loop Marketing, HubSpot, Speaking, Statistics, Sales-Marketing Alignment

Use SEO Metrics to Find & Fix Holes In Your Content

July 09,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Holes aren’t good. You wouldn’t want a hole in your socks, your bucket, or your car tire. And definitely not in a fishing net. You don’t want a hole in your inbound content strategy either. But unlike those others, content holes are harder to see and identify, unless you are diligently tracking and checking metrics.


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Topics: SEO, Sales Funnel, Lead Generation, Business Blog, Closed-Loop Marketing, Content, Strategy, HubSpot, Analytics, Metrics

Sales & Marketing Can Mix, With the Right Agreements

July 07,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


Are your sales and marketing departments like peas and carrots? Or more like oil and water? Unfortunately, too often the answer is the latter. (And public relations? Do they even matter? But that’s for another discussion.)

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Topics: Sales Funnel, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Closed-Loop Marketing, Metrics, Statistics, Service Level Agreements, Sales-Marketing Alignment

How to Link Keywords to Profits

May 14,2015 | BY: Kristin Jones


In a web-based world, it is hard to over-emphasize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and the use of keywords in driving traffic to your website.  After all, according to Marketing Sherpa, 70 percent of "clicks" on search results go to the organic results. (Click to tweet!)  Of those, 70 percent, 60 percent of searchers click on the top three results. (Click to tweet!)  And 75 percent of searchers never scroll past the first page of results (Click to tweet!)

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Topics: SEO, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing, Closed-Loop Marketing, Content, Strategy, HubSpot, Analytics


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