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What Content-Enabled Campaigns (aka Lead Nurturing) Can Do For You (Infographic)

March 24,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

What Content-Enabled Campaigns (aka Lead Nurturing) Can Do For You (Infographic)

The terms used by marketers to describe today’s strategies, tools, and tactics can often overlap, intermingle or even confuse. But sometimes, a rose by any other name still smells just as sweet.

What do you call a target, automated series of emails offering leads relevant content based on an interaction with your website?

We call that lead nurturing, and it is a key element in the process of warming up leads and qualifying them before moving them on to a sales representative.

Based on their definition, when SnapApp and Demand Gen Report asked B2B marketers about “content-enabled campaigns,” they were talking about the same thing. And the expectations and positive results they reported from content-enable campaigns mirror those generated by lead nurturing:

And a greater open and click-through rate for lead nurturing (aka content-enabled) emails than traditional email campaigns.

What Content-Enabled Campaigns (aka Lead Nurturing) Can Do For You (Infographic)

The key, of course, is to conduct the campaigns correctly, which means ensuring that content is focused, relevant and carefully considered.

We have tools ready for you to put to work in planning your next lead nurturing/content-enabled campaign. Click to download our Campaign Planning Calendar Template or Lead Nurturing Workflow Template to begin planning your next campaign today.

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