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6 Social Media Blunders to Avoid in 2017

August 09,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Are you falling into bad social media habits that are sabotaging the benefits you derive from both organic and paid posts there?

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Topics: Social Media, Planning

Working With Your Agency or Team to Plan Content

August 08,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

How is content planning handled within your marketing department? Is it a one-person job or a team brainstorming effort? If you work with an agency for content creation, is someone from the agency involved in developing your plans for campaign content?

Are you happy with how you are doing it now, or looking for a different approach?

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Topics: Planning, Content

Convince the C-Suite You Need Help with HubSpot

July 27,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

You convinced your boss that inbound marketing is the way to go, and even got her to agree to signing up with HubSpot, the content management and marketing automation firm that revolutionized the approach.

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Topics: Planning, HubSpot

Use An Infographic Resume to Land Your Next Marketing Job

July 26,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Are you looking for a new opportunity in marketing? Trying to find a way to stand out from the crowd of jobseekers targeting those same opportunities?

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Topics: Planning, Strategy

Test Those CTAs to Find the Best Ones

July 25,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Calls-to-action are the magic wands that turn website visitors into leads by attracting them to offers they access by sharing contact information. CTAs may be small and concise but they play a major role in your inbound marketing.

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Topics: Calls-to-action, Planning

4 MORE Secrets of the Perfect HubSpot Partner Agency

July 20,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Last week, we looked at four key criteria to consider when choosing a marketing agency to help you maximize your inbound marketing results when using HubSpot’s comprehensive content management and marketing automation software. (4 Secrets of the Perfect HubSpot Partner Agency)

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Topics: Planning, HubSpot

75 Steps to SEO Success (infographic)

July 19,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

With so many different variable impacting search rankings, SEO success can sometimes feel like voodoo—no one really understands how it works. Or maybe, instead of sticking pins in a doll, you feel like you’re throwing darts into space without knowing where the target is.

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Topics: SEO, Planning

Quick Tip: Choose An Agency That Hires Great Writers

July 17,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

So you are looking for an inbound marketing agency, specifically one that help you make the most of your investment in HubSpot’s marketing automation and content management solutions. What criteria have you placed high on your list of must-haves?

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Topics: Planning, HubSpot

Marketing Technology: Functional or Frustrating? (Infographic)

July 12,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Marketing technology solutions are supposed to make life easier for marketers and sales reps by automating processes, congregating information, and offering up data for analysis to improve.

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Topics: Planning, HubSpot

Quick Tip: Commit the Needed Resources When Implementing HubSpot

July 10,2017 | BY: Kristin Jones

Signing onto a contract for an inbound marketing or marketing automation solution such as HubSpot isn’t cheap. A minimum investment in their “pro” content management, business blogging and lead nurturing automation will cost you more than $12,500 for the first year. Don’t throw that money away by failing to provide the additional resources needed to generate meaningful ROI.

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Topics: Planning, HubSpot


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