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10 Things You Need To Know About Video Marketing


10 Things You Need To Know About Video Marketing (1)

Whether you are a veteran marketer still warming up to the idea of video, or a digital native jumping in with both feet, video IS a growing portion of the future of marketing. (See more about the generation gap in video adoption here.)

As broadcast2world notes in the infographic below, with 1/3 of all online time spent watching video, and 90 percent of users claiming video has a part in their purchase decisions, it is essential. So it just makes sense to take the advice offered in the infographic on getting your video marketing right.

In fact, much of it is advice we’ve given before (often in much more detail).

Click on through below for additional details on a few of the tips from the infographic:

Tip #1: Social media is the best place to share videos.

One of the 5 decisions you should make when planning video marketing content is how you will promote it. Social media is a given, but there are other options, too.

Tip #4: Educate your audience.

Being useful is one of the 5 criteria outlined for great marketing videos (or any marketing content).

Tip #5: Maintain brand consistency.

That is one of the three secrets for video marketing success JONES nailed in helping West craft a series of videos to support the rest of the company’s inbound marketing strategy.


Find even more tips on making the most of your video efforts in our checklist of ways to use video in your inbound marketing strategy. Download How to Maximize Your Marketing Videos now to get started.

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