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3 Steps to Auditing Your Website and Building a Better One

3 Steps to Auditing Your Website and Building a Better One - Header

With research from Orbit Media showing that top-performing websites have an average lifespan of just 2 years and 7 months, there’s a good chance yours is due for a redo. If it hasn’t been updated since the times BC (before Covid), it’s time.

But before you jump into creating something new, you need to take a critical look at what you have now—not everything may need a complete overhaul and understanding what’s working now and what isn’t will allow you to focus your website redesign investment in the areas that will offer the greatest returns in SEO, lead generation and user experience.

Here’s a quick overview of what your website audit should include:

3 Steps to Auditing Your Website and Building a Better One - Infographic

With detailed notes about your current metrics, technical details and design elements, you can begin planning a redesign that focuses on improving each of them.

Each plays a role in boosting your site’s performance.

Technical details such as loading speed, on-page optimization and mobile-readiness are important signals to search engines that your site will be one searchers will use. Design elements are an essential part of both brand positioning and user experience.

Are you ready to audit your existing website and begin working on the next version? I have three more steps for you to follow:

  1. Read here for instructions on how to use our free Website Audit Template.

  2. Learn more about our successful website redesign projects for Avanti Slingshot and Yes Health.

  3. Schedule a time in my partner Kristin’s calendar to talk about how JONES can support your website redesign project.

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