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3 Tricks to Make Your Content Offers Must-Click

3 Tricks to Make Your Offers Must-Click


Sometimes the purpose of an offer makes it easy to implement the tactics that make it a must-click. If a B2C company is trying to clear inventory of a product, and offering a deep discount to do so, making that offer irresistible is easy - the benefit is the savings.

But even if the purpose of an offer is to capture leads—rather than directly drive immediate sales—you still need to make it something your prospects just can’t pass up.

Consider using these three tricks for your next lead generation campaign.

3 Tricks to Make Your Offers Must-Click

Could your new ebook be available, packaged with a great template, for a limited time only? Suggest that they join the hordes of followers who have already subscribed to your blog. Or tie it in with the latest trend taking over social media (just stay away from clowns at the moment, they may be trending, but not in a good way).

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