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3 Tricks for Making Your Offer Irresistible to Leads



You want your offers to generate leads, whether the offer is for an ebook, a coupon, an event registration or a blog subscription. But how do you make it stand out among the rest of the online competition for attention, clicks and lead intelligence?


Here are three tricks to consider:

 3 Tricks for Making Your Offer Irresistible to Leads

Scarcity: No one wants to miss out on a great deal, so by making your offer seem scarce (“Only 10 available!” “Limited time offer!”), you increase the likelihood your potential lead will take the bait.


Bandwagoning: Again, no one wants to miss out, and if everyone else wants one, they do, too. Use social proof to show why your offer is one they simply must have. After all, all the cool kids already have downloaded/signed up/purchased.


Newsjacking: If you have something that relates to the latest news story, use it to your advantage. This applies even to things like back-to-school advice, holiday tips, or summer ideas. Hook into a related hashtag for more traffic, just make sure it really does apply so you don’t lose credibility.


Follow these 3 tricks and watch the leads roll in.  Want 27 more lead generation tips like these? Find in-depth information and more ways to bring leads into your system in our ebook: 30 Hot Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas.


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