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Client Success: How To Reach 200,000+ Prospects & Decision Makers Without Buying Ads

Client Success_ How To Reach 200,000+ Prospects & Decision Makers Without Buying Ads

Integrated marketing and public relations rely on balancing a content triad — using earned, owned, and shared content to reach audiences and drive awareness, lead generation and sales. So how do you maximize the “earned” component to access audiences without spending money on advertising?

For B2B businesses, particularly in information-, knowledge- and technology-heavy industries, the answer is in high quality thought leadership articles placed with trusted industry media. That is the approach JONES and QPS took to gain the global CRO (contract research organization) valuable exposure without a huge investment in paid advertising.

Here are just a few of the results:

40,000 + pharmaceutical and biotech executives reached via both print and online subscribers to Contract Pharma


200,000 pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals, investors, academics and researchers in both the Asia Pacific and worldwide markets reached




Nearly 90,000 stakeholders in the bioanalysis field reached, including 14,000 bioanalytical contacts ranging from laboratory scientists to senior managers




Why were all of these thought leadership article placements successful? (And why did Contract Pharma also accept another bylined article from QPS just two months later?) Because the focus is on providing valuable information and quality content, not just plugging products and services.


Learn more about effectively using bylined thought leadership articles for marketing, without sounding like — or paying for — just another overlooked advertisement in How To Get Your CEO Published.


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