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Comparing Inbound vs. Outbound Lead Generation

Inbound vs Outbound Lead Generation

Lead generation can happen in many ways. Which tactics you choose will depend on your product and your target market. Many brands will combine the two primary styles of lead generation—inbound and outbound—in some way.Both have advantages and disadvantages.

For B2B marketing, we lean heavily on inbound marketing, which is well suited to purchases with long sales cycles that require large amounts of research and information before a decision is made.

Below, Spiralytics breaks down a comparison of inbound vs. outbound, some quick facts, pros and cons.

Inbound vs Outbound Lead Gen Infographic

I appreciate one of the “fast facts” offered above: The average cost per lead drops 80 percent after five months of consistent inbound marketing. This highlights one aspect of inbound marketing that has to be kept in mind: Inbound marketing is a long-term strategy, not a single quick-results campaign.

There is a reason that we developed a template for implementing HubSpot’s inbound marketing solutions that extends for a full year to be considered fully operational. 

Having said that, the two techniques work best when used together. Traditional outbound techniques such as online advertising, in-person events or direct email can be powerful tools for reaching new audiences and then inviting them to visit your site where the content and communications aspects of inbound marketing kick in.

How does your current strategy utilize tactics from each approach? Have you documented that strategy to ensure all pieces of the puzzle fit and support each other?

If you are looking for ways to bolster your inbound marketing efforts in an integrated approach, JONES has the expertise and skills to help. Schedule a time in my calendar for a no-obligation consultation to chat about your needs and goals.

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