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The Most Common SEO Errors Of 2020

The Most Common SEO Errors Of 2020

Is your SEO lagging due to simple errors?

Sitechecker shared the most common mistakes its users make, as identified through more than 50,000 audits of a total of 6 million website pages.

Nearly 1/4 of the errors found were considered “critical” errors that would have a significant impact on overall SEO performance. The most common in this category were:

  • Missing page titles
  • Missing H1 headings
  • Missing page descriptions


Overall, Sitechecker identified problems with links as being the most common error in the websites audited, including redirects and redirect chains that don’t complete correctly, too many external links or nofollow links, and canonical links between http and https sites that cause problems for the spiders crawling and indexing sites.

In addition to auditing your website for the errors that are currently hampering your SEO efforts, consider whether you should be actively investing time in tactics that are shown to improve SEO.

According to recent surveys by HubSpot (summarized in our 2020 SEO Strategy Report here), the three most commonly used tactics amongst marketers seeking to improve SEO are:

  • Optimizing page load speed
  • Optimizing for mobile
  • Localization

Of course, you can’t overlook the importance of content in your overall SEO strategy. Check out our recommendations for improving SEO in 2020 and beyond in this blog post: Your 2020 Guide to SEO Strategy & The State of Marketing. Want to chat about how to develop a content marketing and website strategy that maximize the impact of SEO on your marketing success? Schedule a call with me here. You can also continue to get more great insights into content marketing, website development, lead generation and nurturing, and more by subscribing to receive weekly updates from the Inbound Accelerator blog.

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