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The State of SEO & Marketing Strategies In 2020 (infographic)

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As we near the beginning of 2021—some 30 years into the internet era—search engine optimization is as important as it has ever been, though the tactics that lead to success may be changed.

The more than 3,400 marketers who responded to a recent survey by our partner HubSpot agree, with more than 70 percent saying that SEO is at least moderately important to their marketing efforts, and a fourth of respondents calling it extremely important. (See all of the SEO responses to the survey in a mini-report here.)

If that’s the case, though, why do only 2/3 actively invest time in SEO?

As I suggested in a more detailed post of recommendations for SEO in 2020 and beyond, perhaps it is that many marketers don’t fully understand how what they are already doing in terms of content creation and website optimization ARE investments in SEO as well.


When you combine the results of this section of the survey with the questions about content strategy and website optimization, it becomes clear how all of these elements work together:

Well-written content that is designed to answer the questions customers are asking in search queries, presented on a website that is optimized to load quickly and fit the viewing habits of your customers (including mobile access), lead to improved search rankings. And better search rankings mean more opportunities for lead generation on your website through gated content that captures lead information.

The links below provide to access all three survey reports, plus our blog posts with recommendations for developing your own content, website and SEO strategies for 2021:

If you are looking for a partner to help you make the most of your content development, website strategy and SEO in order to achieve marketing goals, let’s chat. You can schedule a no-obligation meeting in my calendar here. Each of those elements is key to a successful marketing program.

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