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Why Content Marketing? 20 Statistics That Make The Answer Clear

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Sometimes the true power of content marketing can be hard to see, but when a few key statistics are applied to the concept, it becomes very clear why 70 percent of marketers actively invest in content marketing.

Actually, as you peruse these numbers compiled by SalesIntel, the bigger question may be “Why aren’t the other 30 percent investing in content?”

One reason could be that it can be challenging to tie a piece of content directly to a sale. I get that. But just because you can’t draw a direct line from A to B, doesn’t mean that A doesn’t impact B.

Check out the infographic and the argument it presents for the power of content in a marketing strategy, and then let’s talk about how to harness that power.


Video is the fastest growing segment of content used for marketing, not only in B2C marketing, but for B2B brands also. Audiences are more and more wired for video all the time, so find ways to incorporate video into your marketing mix

Podcasts, with their listen-anywhere-anytime portability are also growing in popularity. Consider whether it makes sense to add them to your multi-media marketing lineup.

As for blogs, you’re reading one right now, which speaks to the power of business blogs to reach audiences with useful tips, thoughtful insights and information the reader can use. When used in conjunction with content promotion through email and social media, and paired with automated lead nurturing, business blogs are powerful engines for lead generation and sales enablement, which leads to that statistic at the center bottom of this infographic: Marketers who prioritized blogging gained 13 times more ROI than companies that did not.

It all has to fit together and be targeted toward the same overall goal, which is why we recommend that any content marketing strategy include complete campaigns that include content for all levels of the sales funnel and integrate a variety of formats and distribution channels to maximize reach and ROI.

Find more about the state of content marketing at this time in our latest mini-report, shared in partnership with our colleagues at HubSpot. Download it today.

If you are looking for a partner to help you harness the power of content marketing, get in touch and we can examine the opportunities that await you.

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