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The State of Email Marketing in 2020 (infographic)

November 2020 Header-01

The good news: Marketers overwhelming told HubSpot in recent surveys that email engagement had increased over the previous 12 months. Fantastic!

But that doesn’t mean that just any ol’ emails will work. With email’s high ROI (as much as $38 in return for every $1 spent), nearly everyone is sending marketing emails. (Source)

So what tactics should you be using to continue to capture readers’ attention and spur engagement?

Here’s what more than 3,400 marketers told HubSpot they are doing, and which tactics worked best.

November 2020 Infographic-01

Email marketing was just one element of the surveys HubSpot conducted. You’ll find our recommendations on content marketing, website strategy, SEO and email, along with mini-reports of the survey results at the links below:

What questions do you have as you plan your 2021 marketing strategy and campaigns? I’m hear to talk things through—just schedule a no-obligation consultation on my calendar and we can chat about your goals for the coming year.

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