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How To Hashtag Your Pinterest Posts

How To Hashtag Your Pinterest Posts

From a B2C marketing perspective, Pinterest remains an important social media tool to reach audiences—especially women. Nearly half (46 percent) of U.S. women use Pinterest, and 89 percent of users use it for purchase inspiration.

Hashtags are one important way you can help those audiences find your pins and get inspired.

Pinterest uses hashtags to categorize pins and aid in the searches that users perform frequently on the visually-oriented site. Include both general and branded hashtags in pin descriptions as you pin content from your own website or business blog, and as you pin content from other sources to your boards that your followers would find useful.

Unlike Twitter, however, where it is more common to include hashtags within the body of the text, on Pinterest it is better to include them at the end of the text so they won’t distract from or clutter the pin description. Stick with between 4 and 8 hashtags, following a mix of general, more specific, branded and location-specific (if applicable).

Pinterest is a great place to use the kinds of hashtags that appeal to how your customer identifies and the lifestyle trends they follow.

Think #healthyliving …

How To Hashtag Your Pinterest Posts - Img 1

#urbanmom …

How To Hashtag Your Pinterest Posts - Img 2

#working nomad.

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On all social media platforms, hashtags provide additional opportunities for marketers:

  • More exposure to potential followers

  • Solidified brand identity

  • Ways to engage with user-generated content

  • Search optimization within the social media channel


Choose your hashtags carefully, keeping in mind both the basics and the guidelines to choosing hashtags included in our comprehensive Business Hashtag How-To Guide blog post.

Of course, social media is only one component of an integrated public relations and marketing content approach. See how we fit social media into the overall strategy to drive lead generation and sales conversions in The JONES Social Media Solution sheet.

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