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How to Turn Visitors Into Leads

How to Turn Visitors Into Leads


Do you ever wish there were a magic formula for inbound marketing? What if I told you there is one?


While it can’t grant all of your wishes, without this essential tool, your inbound marketing campaign will be little more than a puff of smoke with nothing to show in the end. The magic wand that turns website visitors into inbound leads is a call-to-action. Not the kind of CTA that says “BUY NOW!” This is a CTA inviting visitors to learn more or to download useful content.


Here’s how I described the CTA to public relations professionals, who also play a significant role in successful inbound marketing:



As you deploy this magical tool to turn visitors into leads, make sure you are using it correctly with our Call-to-Action Report Card. Getting a grade for your magic? Sounds a little like Hogwarts. Enjoy!


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