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Make Your Posts More Findable: 21 Business Blog SEO Tips

4.11 Make Your Business Blog Posts More Findable_ 21 SEO Tips

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is not a one-time project, especially if you publish a business blog to help drive website traffic.

(If you aren’t publishing a blog, here are a few reasons you should be: 3 Business Blogging Benefits You May Not Have Considered.)

While you may be able to go through the content of your website’s other pages once to get a good handle on whether you are following the essential rules for optimal keyword placement and avoiding mistakes that cost you ranking, a business blog requires thinking about SEO with every post you publish.

This infographic shared by Red Website Design from the UK, and based on a blog post by Feldman Creative, outlines 21 ways to improve your blog posts’ search rankings, both by placing keywords so they are recognizable by search engines and by creating posts that engage readers to encourage the kinds of reader signals that also influence SERP.

As you write and schedule each blog post, keep these tips in mind. And if it has been a while since you reviewed the rest of your website content, consider taking one or two pages each week and reviewing them for business blog SEO best practices using our On-Page SEO Planning Guide & Template —it is the most frequently downloaded resource in our Inbound Marketing Learning Library.


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