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2020 Market Research Statistics to Guide Your Strategy & Planning

The State of Market Research Strategy in 2020

Market research encompasses many different activities marketers use to identify the needs of their customers, assess how they compare to the competition, find opportunities within the industry, and gather original data that can be used as the basis for content marketing campaigns.

It is no wonder that nearly 8 in 10 marketers use some form of market research to inform their business decisions, as found in a recent survey by HubSpot of more than 3,400 marketers worldwide. (Download all of their market research survey results here and find other mini-reports on the survey in our Inbound Marketing Learning Library.)


What types of market research are you targeting for 2021?

Two of the most valuable projects you can plan into your budget and calendar for the coming year are:

  • Consumer surveys to drive content development
  • Media audit to understand your brand’s position in the market

At JONES, we have guided multiple clients through both of these projects, yielding content that has driven website traffic, media coverage and sales, along with identifying opportunities for clients to develop messaging that would distinguish them from their competition.

Find more details on how to use both types of market research in this blog post: Your 2020 Guide To Market Research and the State of Marketing.

You can also check out these case studies that detail more of our experience in consumer surveys and media audits:

Learn more about the HubSpot research in the Market Research State of Marketing 2020 report here.

I’m always available to talk about how you can use market research to guide your business decisions and fuel content for your marketing strategy. Schedule a time on my calendar for a no-obligation consultation.

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