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The State Of Content Marketing In 2020 (infographic)

Content Marketing 2020

Are you investing in content marketing today? You are in good company: 7 in 10 of your peers are doing the same, and about 60 percent say content is either very important or extremely important to their current overall marketing strategy.

Those are just two of the results uncovered in a recently survey of more than 3,400 marketers worldwide by our partners at HubSpot. You can find all of their content marketing survey stats in our free mini-report here.

Check out two more key details in this infographic.

jones infographic content marketing statistics 2020

How do these answers from your peers around the world compare to your own experience?

At JONES, we definitely agree that quality content is absolutely essential to all of your marketing efforts, and detail our recommendations in this blog post: Your 2020 Guide To Content Marketing Strategy & The State Of Content Marketing.

Click through to read our answers to these questions:

  • What is a full-funnel content marketing strategy?
  • How does a full-funnel content marketing strategy benefit SEO?
  • How does a full-funnel content marketing strategy boost your social media engagement?
  • How does a full-funnel content marketing strategy influence your website development and performance?
  • How do you know if your content marketing strategy is successful?

The State of Marketing Report 2020: Content Marketing Strategy includes several other statistics to give you an inside look at what other marketers are finding to be successful in today’s environment. Download it to learn more.

If you are seeking advice and assistance in making the most of content marketing for your brand, I’d love to chat. Schedule a no-obligation consultation here.

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