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Marketing Acronyms Can Be a Real PITA

Marketing Acronyms Can Be a Real PITA


In our marketing meeting this week, we discussed concerns that our CTR for B2B CTAs on FB aren’t high enough. We need to review our KPIs and possibly introduce more UGC in order to improve ROI. We also need to pinpoint which SMP is best for WOMM.


Did you catch all that? No? Like most industries, digital marketing has developed its own language of acronyms and abbreviations. Some are definitely useful. Some are so universal that we don’t really even think about the full title that the marketing acronym represents. But when they all get lumped together and used frequently, it becomes an alphabet soup of capital letters that few people can decipher.


If you need help deciphering the jargon being used in your meetings and reports, the infographic below from Pardot may help you make sense of the madness.

 Marketing Acronyms Can Be a Real PITA

If your website visitors need help deciphering the industry jargon in your blog posts, then you are making one of the biggest mistakes of business blogging.


Many of the acronyms listed above are very specific to digital marketing and website creation. If your task is strictly the writing portion of content creation, you may not need to know the specific definitions of AJAX, HTML, and PHP, but having some idea of how the architecture and back end of a website can impact search results is still essential.


Here’s another resource to keep handy when creating content for websites: Metadata and Schema for the Non-Web Designer cheat sheet.


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