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Marketing Quick Tip: Keep Blog Posts Evergreen


In the rush to keep social media content current and relevant, we often create material that is top-of-mind at the moment but loses its connection rapidly. And that works—for social media.

Your business blog, however, demands a different strategy to the topics and approach you take to creating blog posts, videos and infographics. Since one of the key benefits of building and maintaining a business blog is the SEO boost it can provide by bringing visitors to your website through search, it pays to think beyond the next viral video.


Writing for the long haul means planning at least some of your blog posts to be “evergreen,” providing information that will continue to be searched for and useful for weeks, days or even years to come. This increases the likelihood that they will become compounding posts, meaning organic search increases their traffic over time.

At one time, HubSpot reported that 75 percent of the company’s blog views, and 90 percent of blog leads come from old posts. Though compounding posts make up only 10 percent of all blog posts, they generate 38 percent of overall traffic. We see the same thing on this blog—most of the top-performing posts have been bringing visitors to our site for more than two years and they continue to build traffic. The secret is that they are about topics of perennial interest with timeless tips. (See the most-used blog posts and resources in 2022 here: Blog Posts and Marketing Resources Our Readers Loved.)

Evergreen blog posts tie back to the basics of your brand, product or service, and industry, offering useful, entertaining or inspiring content that is unlikely to be impacted by changes in the next few years.

Including trending topics keeps your blog interesting and can drive traffic through newsjacking, but don’t let a social media mindset keep you from leveraging the power of the evergreen content to keep generating traffic and leads through search long after those tweets have faded from memory.

You’ll find 7 more quick tips for maximizing the traffic and lead results from your business blog in our free ebook: Business Blogging: Do This, Not That. Or dive deep into our entire library of articles about using business blogs as one tool in your content marketing arsenal: Business Blogs.

If your team needs guidance or extra resources to make the most of your business blog and other content marketing elements, let’s talk about how JONES can support your marketing goals. Schedule a time in my calendar for a no-obligation consultation.

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