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Procrastination = I'll Write That Headline Tomorrow

i will write this headline tomorrow


Look at your “to-do” list. What is the one item on there that you have been moving to the next day, and the next, and the next, for days on end? We all have something, either in the office or at home, that we just keep putting off.


It’s called procrastination.


For me, it’s hotel reservations. I have been known to arrive at my destination just assuming there will be a room available (and, luckily, there usually is). Call it being rebellious (according to this infographic), but I just don’t like to be locked in.


Thanks to Agil8, we can quickly see what is going on inside our brains when we decide to wait—again—to make that dreaded phone call or to try out a new and exciting recipe when we really should be scrubbing the kitchen sink. Or in my case, sweet talk the front desk clerk into please finding me a room at the last minute, since I put off making reservations. Again.


Have you been putting off something bigger than the laundry or vacation planning, like starting up a new inbound marketing campaign? One of Agil8’s suggestions is to break a large, overwhelming task down into smaller pieces. Our Inbound Campaign Checklist makes the process more manageable. So click download now to get started. Don’t write that headline tomorrow- get going!




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