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Quick Marketing Tip: Take Time To Analyze 2018 Results

Quick Marketing Tip_ Take Time To Analyze 2018 Results (1)

What was your greatest success in 2018? What didn’t work? And how are you going to change your strategy and approach in 2019 to improve on your results?

If you haven’t already taken time to review last year’s results, now is the time to do it, before you get any farther into the new year. Even if you don’t have time for a deep dive into all of the metrics from every content distribution channel, every individual campaign or piece of content, or each press release and bylined article pitched to the media, DO choose a few specific areas to review and analyze.

You could target your business blog, looking at the specific blog metrics over the last year, analyzing which blog posts received the most views, which had the most CTA clicks, and which were part of a visitor’s journey to becoming a lead or conversion. What did those posts have in common? Which posts didn’t perform well?

While not every company needs to hire an outside firm for an in-depth audit (though we do recommend it, and we’d be glad to help), our Media, Messaging & Marketing Audit Checklist can help you pinpoint a few performance points that you can assign to someone on your staff, asking them to take as objective an approach as they can to considering strengths, weakness, challenges and opportunities presented in one of your content channels or campaign strategies.


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