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Quick Tip: Give Lead Nurturing Emails a Kick with Video

Quick Tip: Give Lead Nurturing Emails a Kick with Video

Looking for a way to increase click-through rates on your automated lead nurturing emails? Video marketing company Wistia says it has found a secret formula that works.

Embedded video.

Just using the word video in an email subject line can increase open rates by 19 percent, boost click-through rates by as much as 200 percent (according to Wistia) and reduce unsubscribes by more than a quarter. (Source)

If you are using automated lead nurturing to connect with leads, video can help boost responses. Just remember to continue to follow the same rules you do for all automated lead nurturing:

  1. Make it personal — If you’ve capture a lead’s name, use it in the email.

  2. Make it relevant — Connect the video to the offer the lead has already accessed on your site.

  3. Make it compelling — Use a video that helps them in some way, by providing information or insights on how to solve their key problems, without just “selling.”

Our advice: When planning inbound marketing campaigns, think video. And when planning videos, remember to match them to your campaigns.

Get a step-by-step primer on using video in your automated marketing emails in our easy to view slide show: Using Video in Marketing Automation.

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