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Want More ROI for Your Marketing? Think Inbound

Want More ROI for Your Marketing? Think Inbound

It really doesn’t seem to matter how large or small a company is, inbound marketing tactics yield a greater return for the money than outbound methods.

While we see that larger companies still tend to lean more heavily on the more costly outbound practices such as print and broadcast advertising or trade shows (see the data here), companies of all sizes are more likely to report great ROI from inbound.

Want More ROI for Your Marketing? Think Inbound

Whether you have a small marketing budget and are looking maximize every penny, or have the funds available to try every potential tactic, make sure inbound is where you look first.

And if you haven’t been able to convince your boss that it makes more sense, try sharing the latest State of Inbound report from JONES partner HubSpot, or use this template to put together the perfect presentation: How To Convince Your Boss to Transform Your Marketing

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