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What Stories Can Your Data and Marketing Content Tell?

What Stories Can Your Data and Marketing Content Tell?

We often think of data and stories as being nearly opposites of each other — one concerned with strictly facts and numbers, the other creative and emotional. But Julie Steele says that data is not just a bunch of numbers. Data tells stories.

At the Strata Conference 2013, Steele, currently director of communications at Silicon Valley Data Science, said that data tells stories about both individuals and societies.

Both stories and data help us make good decisions. They both help us understand history so that we can predict the future.

Can you use your data to tell stories in your marketing content? Think about how you can tell your story using data. And then consider what form your story can take. “There are multiple ways we can tell a story: you can read it, you can watch it,” she says. “There are multiple ways to present data.”

What is the story you want to tell about your brand? What connections are you creating?

Character—telling a story—is one of the requirements of quality content. Find the other requirements for creating great content in our Content Quality Report Card.

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