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Client Success: Newsjacking Earns QPS Media Coverage, Visibility

October 18,2019 |BY: Kristin Jones

Client Success_ Newsjacking Earns QPS Media Coverage, Visibility

As an agency offering integrated public relations and marketing solutions, we only succeed if our clients succeed. And that is why I love sharing success stories, something I plan to start doing regularly here on the Inbound Accelerator. I know there are things my readers can learn from hearing about what has worked well — in some cases, extremely well — for our clients.

Case in point: Taking a topic from the news and turning it into powerful media coverage and an opportunity to build authority and thought leadership in an industry.

Over the last year, JONES has worked with QPS, a global contract research organization providing discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development services, to expand its reach and recognition in industry media through a series of planned thought leadership articles and press releases. But sometimes, you can’t plan out the best material a year in advance.

In this case, the uncertainty that surrounded, and still haunts, the prospects of changing regulations and trade relations that could come with Brexit (Great Britian’s pending exit from the European Union) provided an opportunity for QPS to weigh in on how it could impact the drug research industry.

JONES and QPS prepared a special report, supported by a thought leadership article published by Bioanalysis Zone, outlining three ways Brexit will impact gene and cell therapy and clinical research projects.




While this particular media outreach hadn’t been a part of the original plan, it provided an opportunity reach nearly 90,000 stakeholders in the bioanalysis field, including 14,000 bioanalytical contacts ranging from laboratory scientists to senior managers.

With locations in the United States, Austria, the Netherlands and around the globe, the article and report helped QPS demonstrate to its target audience how fully the company understands the implications of changes in global trade and regulation.

The thought leadership article and whitepaper were buttressed with a press release sent to more than 1,600 life sciences media outlets globally, along with a LinkedIn post that gained nearly a thousand impressions in weeks.




QPS harnessed the immediacy of newsjacking, the industry authority of thought leadership article placement, and the power of quality content to drive awareness and trust. Well done.

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